Leak Detection Santa Monica

You got emergency damage of leaks or water damage? One call - and it will be our problem! Not yours! Leaks removal should always be done by professionals like Golden Leak Detection company. We put knowledge at the forefront of our company to ensure safety of the home and for people and best possible results. With over 10 years in the restoration, cleaning, and abatement industry coupled with a team of specialists and very caring and compassionate individuals who are dedicated to being the best. When doing assessment on leaks situation, a typical first step is the visual inspection of the home as well as the suspected damaged areas. Before leak detection engineer from our company attends we will discuss and agree with you the brief to which they will be working. From this brief our engineer will prepare an outline leak detection methodology before they attend. Appointments are normally flexible to your requirements. On arrival our engineer will discuss with you the brief you have provided and get any additional information they require. A visual inspection of property will be carried initially, including familiarization of the plumbing system. A plan of action will be formulated from this initial inspection and conveyed to you. Unlike other companies our engineers are equipped with all the methods and equipment available to locate a leak, including Thermal Imaging, Gas Tracing, Acoustic Microphone, Endoscopic Camera and Moisture Meter. These will be used in conjunction with each other to ensure the leak detection is as accurate as possible and to minimize disruption. After the emergency remediation is done, rebuilding services are available through our recommended general contractors or you are also free to use whomever you choose. And you can be sure that after our company you will have no problems with leaks at all! We are champions in this league!


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